Want to Become a Billionaire? Study Engineering

There is this sound advice we have always heard: Education is the key. It is now a widely accepted fact that college educated kids are able to access more opportunities in the real world than the uneducated ones. There is value in this saying. A college degree is supposed to help you get started in life.

But your college degree could also make you very rich! Forget about people who keep on giving examples of high school drop-outs who made it in the real world of commerce and money. The successful high school guy has never been allowed to speak for himself. Do you think he is happy and satisfied that he didn't go beyond high school? Truly, such people succeed despite their lack of proper education and not because of it!

Now that we have this little discussion on the importance of education out of the way, we need to go to the next question .Exactly which degree should you study if you desire to become a roaring economic success?

If you are a college student set on getting a degree, why not enroll for that one degree that has great potential to make you wealthy one day? That degree is called Engineering. Did you know that a whopping 22% of all the billionaires in the world are Engineering graduates? This degree has produced almost two times the number of billionaires who are graduates of the second most important degree in this respect -a Business degree. Check out engineers academy to get started. 

Interestingly, there are more billionaires without a degree than there are those who hold Business degrees! The Engineering degree has proven unbeatable in the race for the American Dollar.

While it is true that about a 1/3 of the world's wealthiest don't have college degrees, their total wealth is still lower than the wealth amassed by a smaller group of guys called Engineering graduates.

This explains why there has been a lot of emphasis that students focus more on STEM courses. STEM programs refer for Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths courses. This means that we are likely to have a bigger portion of future billionaires who will have studied Engineering as opposed to those who will have no college degrees or those who will have studied for other degree programs.

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